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The Origin of RUN DBC – Dalton, Georgia

On Behalf of | May 7, 2020 | Firm News

Three attorneys walk into a local brewery. Okay, so that’s not really how Run DBC came to be, but it’s pretty close!

Rob Cowan, Brian Wright, and Scott DeLay have had a common interest in running for years. Over time, the idea of forming a running group that began with a 2-6 mile run and ended with a beer became a recurring topic of conversation. When Dalton Brewing Company opened their doors, Rob, Scott, and Brian approached co-owner and friend Chris Brown about hosting the group that would become Run DBC.

Brian Wright explains that Run DBC is “…an opportunity to get people together and socialize around a common interest.

A Virtual Run – Huh?

While Rob enjoys the social aspect, he’s also passionate about encouraging others in the community to be healthy and fit.” They wanted to not only start a group that would promote healthy habits but one that would also support a local business in the process.

While currently in compliance with social distancing guidelines, this group is no longer meeting each Thursday for their weekly run. However, in an effort to embrace the new now, Run DBC continues to stay connected through participating in virtual runs and then sharing their running photos on social media. While the runners in Run DBC are no longer physically meeting at Dalton Brewing Company, many members of this group continue to support their friends by purchasing Dalton Brewing Company beer to enjoy at home.

During this time of social distancing, Rob, Brian, and Scott at The Cowan Law Firm encourage you to stay healthy and keep active! Until the time comes when we can gather together again, get outside, and improve your mental and physical health, regardless of your fitness level.