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Why Rob Cowan Is The Smart Choice For Mediation Services In Georgia

On numerous occasions, prospective clients have asked why they should choose Rob Cowan as their mediator. Over the years, we have seen that our answers typically differ from what our clients say, but both are worth considering.

We Stress The Length And Diversity Of Legal Experience

Rob has 25 years of experience mediating a wide variety of legal matters. His mediation experience includes (but is not limited to) cases involving:

Other benefits include savings of both time and money. There are distinct cost efficiencies to be gained by working with a smaller and, therefore, more nimble mediation practice. We allow our results to speak for themselves. Our clients’ smiles and satisfaction encourage Rob as a guiding light toward justice.

Clients Recommend A Mediator Who Is Passionate And Invested

Passion is a word we hear often. Our clients have shared with Rob and other members of our team that his level of passion and tenacity is unparalleled. A mediator cannot and should not take sides. Instead, they should be laser-focused on helping both parties reach a mutually agreeable outcome as cooperatively and peacefully as possible. Rob believes that reaching such an agreement is a win for everyone involved. When your case is resolved, he looks forward to seeing your familiar smile.

Learn More During An Initial Consultation

If you are seeking out a mediator for your legal matter, contact Cowan Law Firm, LLC, and speak with Rob today. Based in Dalton, our firm serves clients throughout Georgia. To get started, give us a call at 706-420-2949 or submit an online contact form.