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Are You Ready For Your Mediation Sessions?

No one should be going into mediation without adequate preparation. The first (and perhaps the most important) decision to make is who to hire as your mediator. Throughout Georgia, the easy choice in mediation services is Rob Cowan, founder of Cowan Law Firm, LLC. With over 25 years of mediation experience, Rob is uniquely poised to help in your case. Having handled a variety of matters as a mediator has also enhanced the steps Rob takes to prepare for all mediations.

Regardless of the legal matter that is being mediated, Rob notifies each client of the importance of preparation. Mediation is the one shot that you have to obtain justice, and as a result, preparedness can make a difference.

Questions To Ask And Other Considerations Before Mediation

Below are critical items to consider as you work towards scheduling your mediation with Rob:

  1. Documentation: Has all documentation been requested or obtained?
  2. Is there any risk of spoliation to consider regarding your scheduled mediation date?
  3. Experts and witnesses: Have you taken the time to uncover all of the facts in your case that you believe are relevant and need to be brought to light?
  4. Are you well-versed and prepared to speak to all elements regarding your case?
  5. Emotional preparation is also critical. Most cases involve a high level of emotion, but in a mediation environment, it is critical to leave your emotions outside. Rob understands how difficult that can be, but it is nonetheless crucial.
  6. Clothing: You are still making an impression on the opposing side. Therefore, be sure to dress appropriately.

Lastly, remember to relax. This, too, shall pass. Allow Rob to work with you to mediate your matter.

Contact Us To Learn More About Our Mediation Services

If you’d like to meet Rob Cowan and learn more about how he can assist you, contact Cowan Law Firm, LLC. Our firm is based in Dalton and serves clients throughout Georgia. To schedule your initial consultation, simply call 706-420-2949 or submit an online contact form.